Sunday, September 2, 2012

knitted owl hat

I just finish this gift for a friend, who just had a baby girl! I decide to make her an infant sized owl hat.  I have seen so many really adorable owl hats and patterns lately and wanted to design one of my own.  This hat was made with mostly Knit Picks Yarns and Vanna's Glamour, to add a little sparkle and make it girly.  The checkered portion, 'feathers', were made using the stranded knitting technique, alternating the colors in a 2 x 2 ribbed pattern.

I love adding details to my knit projects with embroidery and crochet.  On this hat I added a single crochet border around the edge of the top of this hat.  The eyes/beak were crocheted and the fur was attached with crochet as well.  And, after completing the hat I decided that it would look better if there were dark brown 'feathers' between the eyes, contrasting the white fur.  To add the brown feathers after the hat was complete, I embroidered them on with chain stitches, which looks very similar to stockinette stitch.  And, lastly, I made a simple garter stitch bow and sewed it on.

I was pretty happy with my little owl hat and my friend said she loved it!  The thing I love most about being able to Knit and Crochet is that  I can make personalized, one of a kind gifts.  I love to surprise my friends and family with something made just for them :)  


  1. That is just the cutest thing!! What awesome talent! All the different textures really make it stand out!
    Good job!!!