Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mini Me got a make over!

A few years ago I made a Mini-Me, a puppet caricature of myself.  At the time I was really proud of her, but she was one of my first puppet likenesses and I have learned a lot since then.  Like most Artist when looking at their earlier work, I felt she could use some improvements, so I decided to give her a few upgrades.

This is her before picture:

I have also gotten a better camera since making her.  My new camera is so much better, what a difference in quality!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture with the good camera before refurbishing her, but you get the idea :)

The first thing I did to refurbish Mini Me was take off her glasses.  Although I often wear my glasses when I knit and crochet, I thought the glasses blocked her eyes and lashes.  Maybe later I will make her some thinner framed glasses.  The next thing I did was knit her a new top.  My earlier puppets where all crocheted, but after making a few, I found that I liked the look of a crocheted body with knitted clothes better.  The other reason I decided to make her a new shirt is because this one was a little too low cut and her boobs kept falling out.  I removed the lip and nose ring, since I had taken my own out a couple years ago.  And finally, I added stuffing to the boobs and head to give them a better shape.  I am very happy with her make over and have decided that she is going to work with me, so I made her a name badge too!  

I think Mini-Me looks better than ever and I can't wait to bring her to work with me tomorrow!  

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